Global Inspirational Speaker

Charles has visited many African Countries to Deliver his talks to organizations, helping people breech the mentality of limits. 

Some of the countries he has visited


Charles Mungoshi Jr’s life purpose can be summed up in a single phrase, “Helping you break free of the mentality of limits through the power of words”

His main belief is that humanity is the greatest creation and is purposed for greatness and his main aim is to make that greatness manifest in each one of us.

The world will never understand your problem so we have to stop preaching it! Focus on the solution more than the problem. There is always a way out! Don’t punish yourself for failing or making mistakes- you gotta rise up quick and not let the world dictate your pace!!

Charles Mungoshi Jr

Motivational And Inspirational Speaking

For Schools

Sometimes, the major difference that distinguishes ‘A’ Schools from others is a dose of motivation. Charles conducts motivational speaking sessions with schools to fire up their students for Greatness.

For Companies

Employees are the most valuable asset to any organization and as such, they require doses of motivation for optimal perfomance. Charles can deliver motivational sessions for your team.

The School Of Positivity

What is the School of Positivity?

The School of Positivity is a program hub whose main aim is bringing out the best version of you.  

What are the goals for the School of Positivity?

  • Bringing out the best in you
  • Empowering you for Greatness
  • Helping you make the most of every opportunity

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