Books By Charles Mungoshi Jr

Charles Mungoshi Jr is an author of repute with 5 Published Books to his name. His genres range from Motivation, to entrepreneurship and creative writing. Scroll to see some of his books.


This is a book written with a mind to reach out to the mentality Zimbabweans/ Africans have concerning the success of young people. Africans are really challenged when it comes to comprehending success or wealthy young people. 

Snippets Of My Versatile Mind

SNIPPETS OF MY VERSATILE MIND is an inspirational book written in a stylish manner to uplift the reader as they appreciate creation. This is a creative piece of art that will hook you on these snippets to open your scope of understanding to accept growth and success. A must have book.

Falls For The Top

Charles has put together a wholesome meal with a sole purpose to inspire and build you to become the person you were created to be. He has written this motivational and eye opening book in an easy to follow, practical to digest and simple to understand format. 

MaDhiri eCash

There are so many misguided people in our nation and the world over that need to be informed about the obvious to view life from a knowledge driven perception. To have the attention of an individual you need to speak their language for you teach them your language and understand the scope of your vision.

Inspirations From Lack On The Road To Abundance

This is an inspirational book with motivating stories of how to rise or how to move from one level to another level in life. In this book there is an easy to understand step by step guide to being a person who achieves greatness with the given material that is available to him. Be inspired to be bigger and greater – an achiever in life.

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