Inspirational Talks for Companies


Charles Mungoshi Jr

Why Charles

With 6 Books Published in his name and 5 of those being published on the same day, Charles Mungoshi Jr knows exactly what it takes to get things done. 

He is the best person to give your employees the extra push and motivation they need to meet their annual targets and goals. 

What you will get out of the talk

Fresh Ideas

Your employees will be reinvigorated and empowered to conceptualize and develop fresh, new and innovative ideas to take your business to the next level.

Improved Morale

Your employee’s Morale can be described as the heartbeat of your business’s interactions with external stakeholders. Sometimes, a boost to the morale is important.

Improved Relationships

Relationships are important in any business setup which means that they need to be looked after and handled with the utmost care. Charles will hold excellent sessions meant to improve employee relationships

Invite Charles to your Company

Having a great and classic speaker or MC can be a boost for your Corporate Event.

Charles will get your team fired up and ready to overcome the challenges of the corporate world. 

Fill in the form to invite him to your next corporate event.

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