Inspirational Talks for Schools


Charles Mungoshi Jr

Why Charles

Charles Mungoshi Jr is a renowned Inspirational and Motivational Speaker. His talks have inspired thousands of students, helping the improve their focus on their educational goals resulting in higher GPA’s for the impacted students. 

His talks are well planned, carefully thought out and seamlessly crafted to be engaging, motivating and inspiring. In short, his focus is on pushing the students he come across to be the best of themselves. 

What you will get out of the talk

Creative Thinking

School is a place for any child to enhance their creative and critical thinking abilities. Charles’s talks will help activate and enable those abilities in your students.

Self Discipline

Self disciplined students are able to concur any challenge that may be presented to them and meet both their academic and personal goals. Charles will help foster the habit of self discipline among your students. 


Children are the future and definitely the leaders of tomorrow. Leaders are made and trained to be better, effective and charismatic. Charles will help develop your student leaders.

Invite Charles to your School

Hosting a special event, be it Prize Giving, Parent’s Meeting or Assembly and want a renowned Author and Speaker in your Midst? 

You can fill in the form to invite Charles and his team will get in touch with you for more details.

You can also email directly at

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